This is the most difficult part for most, including ourselves.
Describing oneself, “tell me about yourself” without the adhering to the usual clichés and corporate jargon
You’re probably thinking what is there more to say, you supply nuts, dried, seeds, confectionery and wholefoods.
Yes, in essence that what we do. But there is more to it…
From humble beginnings, from a small local grocery shop, to wholesale distributor to manufacturer, we come a long way
From the long hours, non-stop 7 day working week, life and personal struggles, failures, market & financial conditions, tough competition, unscrupulous persons, organisations & situations, we have faced and overcome the harsh learning curve that most small businesses face and fail to survive.
Foods Nuts Seeds Dried Fruit 
They say the blessings in the struggle
Foods Nuts Seeds Dried Fruit 
Red line is what we aim and imagine the path to Success will be like.
Green Curve is progress we make through Real Life (the Learning Curve). The Tiny Gains Compound & Amplify over time, if one makes it beyond the Zone of Doubt.
You may question how does this affect you?
Great question, the answer is simple 
Everything that we have faced, has developed and built our character, from the methods, processes and values on how we operate today.
Everything is customer, quality, product selection, service focused.
Through sheer determination, perseverance, consistency, integrity, learning and adapting has built our experience & knowledge, so we can better serve you.
We have dealt with different products, customer requirements & expectations. Our knowledge has helped customers make better choices that suit them.
An example of this, is that we stock different grades of product to suit different clientele, applications and taste palettes.
On some products we offer a catering grade primarily intended for culinary applications, this grade is cheaper and because of the item will be processed into another product, visuals don’t matter so much.
Then there is a standard grade with price and quality are balanced.
And the final tier, is the premium grade, which is a special harvested grade that is essentially the top of the range product that is not too much more cost wise but superior in taste and texture.
Our aim is not to sell products, just for the sake of selling products. We try to be different unlike most other companies, who haven’t got a clue or care about the products they are selling. 
We stay away from the stack high and sell cheap model, as corners have to be cut, and something, often quality, choice or/and service has to degrade in order to accommodate & sustain this model. 
  Foods Nuts Seeds Dried Fruit
We know it’s a delicate balancing act, between quality, price, service and your enjoyment & satisfaction. We believe we have deciphered the equation
+ Quality + Service – Price = + Satisfaction + Enjoyment
(+) Increase in
(-) Decrease in
And how we know this is…..
Because we are also consumers of the products,
we know what we would like expect from the products and the service.
We put ourselves in your shoes
Foods Nuts Seeds Dried Fruit
We tailor our products & service to you
Whether it be
  • Wanting the convenience of products delivered to your door speedily
  • Wanting a product that is suitable for your needs
  • Wanting to experience new flavours, varieties that enlightening your senses
We take a proactive approach in everything aspect, from sourcing the best ingredients, to the customer service, to the rapidly changing need and demands of our customers.
Example of this, is our proactive sourcing and vetting of each delivery of products we have.
Many producers or agents treat our products as commodities, and just want to make quick easy unchallenged money on product in, product out, without caring about the quality or affect further down the chain.
We absolutely Revolt this idea and practice.
They Say
 Foods Nuts Seeds Dried Fruit
We have to work within this system and we have taken on a lot of Personal Responsibility and Setup systems to vet each product, each delivery, every time to ensure its quality and specification receive the very best for our customers.
We understand our products and their intended use and applications.
They say the body is the temple of the soul. And anything that enters your body is sacred.
Our products are mainly food products which should be uncompromised. We would not supply anything that we would not consume ourselves, and we would give a Higher Regard to anything we supply to You.
We value your constructive criticism, feedback and compliments, to help make improvements and to let us know what we are doing is right.
We go the extra mile to ensure the quality and our service is the heart of the consumer experience and our success. Very simple to understand with this analogy
If you went to a restaurant, where you got served substandard quality food, and poor customer service, and no regard for customer satisfaction or concern.
Would you dine there again?  
Knowing the products we supply are of pinnacle quality and Your satisfaction gives us peace of mind and spurs us on.
 Foods Nuts Seeds Dried Fruit
Although we come a long way this is not the end of the road.
We remain proactive in our approach and reactive to the ever-evolving environment, trends and needs of our human values & desires.
We have many new products, projects, improvements in the pipeline, as we know things do not stay the same.
Day by day, we are continually investing in machinery, systems, people, new ideas and application of knowledge.
This enables us to be more time & labour efficient, reduce costs, be more sustainable, maintain checks and balances, all for you, Yes You!
As we continue to improve and develop, it will enrich your life greatly via
  • Reduced Prices, through cost saving efficiencies
  • Leading to Faster replenishment
  • Wider & Stable Availability
  • Increase in varieties, More Choices to suit your lifestyle
  • Expedited dispatch and delivery, receive your items quicker,
  • More control passed onto you, options to manage your orders & deliveries, arrange deliveries to suit you, never miss a delivery again
  • Greater Convenience, 24/7 Access when you like
  • Stronger Clear Concise Customer Support when you need help
  • Increase knowledge and understanding to aid you with your requirements
Thank you for Supporting Us
We hope we can help enrich your life to make it a little be easier
We look forward to you joining and continuing the journey with us